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Join like-minded people for some no-nonsense advice and commentary on a variety of topics of interest in today's world.

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Common Sense in a Crazy World!

In a world of far left "wokeness" and far right "conservatives", there needs to be a middle ground of practicality.

This "big sis" has 50+ years of life experience, 25+ years of experience in social services, 35+ years of parenting experience, and 13+ years of grandparenting experience. I'm GenX all the way and proud of it!

This site is NEW and Your Bossy Big Sis has established a membership area. The monthly membership is cheaper than one Starbuck's coffee.

Join the clan to see posts and commentary that can't be released on YouTube, TikTok, and other sites due to the current "cancel culture".

Coaching and accountability services are offered through a secured and private area right here at Your Bossy Big Sis.

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Big Sis.... (that's "sister", NOT "cis")

It's me, "Your Bossy Big Sis" and I'm the one who loves to tell you what to do! ... Level-headed advice and commentary.